Grand Cards: Tigers Checklist: 2009 O-Pee-Chee

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tigers Checklist: 2009 O-Pee-Chee

Doing the long drive home for the holidays, during which time I expect posting to be scarce (but you never know). To tide you over I thought it would be nice to show off one of the larger sets produced this year. Lots of Tigers in this one.

I have trouble gauging exactly how I feel about O-pee-chee. I like the makeup of the set, I like the design, I like the refreshing absence of inserts, relics and autographs mucking things up. This is a team/set collector's set, which gives it bonus points. Big checklist, nice feeling cardstock, all good stuff. The downside is that I find a lot of the photography lacking, with too many gray-background studio shots, and other pictures that are so bad that it is borderline absurd (feeling OK, Dontrelle?) In all, I could never bring myself to pull the trigger on a team set because I just didn't find the photography appealing enough. Take this design with all in-game or candid shots and I'll be there 100% of the time.

With that, your 2009 O-Pee-Chee Detroit Tigers:

Base Set

#24 Carlos Guillen
#32 Magglio Ordonez
#92 Brandon Inge
#114 Gerald Laird
#165 Edwin Jackson
#178 Placido Polanco
#207 Jeremy Bonderman
#234 Fernando Rodney
#314 Zach Miner
#320 Miguel Cabrera
#331 Curtis Granderson
#362 Adam Everett
#413 Marcus Thames
#414 Dontrelle Willis
#426 Justin Verlander
#488 Armando Galarraga
#525 Detroit Tigers CL
#533 Cabrera/Rodriguez/Quentin
#535 Morneau/Hamilton/Cabrera
#573 Ryan Perry RC
#594 Rick Porcello RC

Inserts The "Face of the Franchise" is the big insert here. The OPC throwback design has a mix of baseball and hockey players, with Detroit getting the hockey end of things. Box Bottoms were found on the side of blasters, at least, I'm not sure about Hobby Boxes and Miguel Cabrera is featured. This is presumably the same as his base card, but until I see it...

#FF-27 Miguel Cabrera
#RM9 Henrik Zetterberg (Red Wings)
Box Bottom #2 Miguel Cabrera

Relics These are all of the "OPC Materials Variety"

#OPC-EFG Ellsbury/Figgens/Granderson
#OPC-HMC Hafner/Morneau/Cabrera
#OPC-PCF Pujols/Cabrera/Fielder
#OPC-VWB Verlander/Weaver Buchholz
#OPC-DLO Dye/Lee/Ordonez

Autographs How refreshing is it to have autographs only seeded at one per case?! Of course, it makes pictures pretty hard to find. Update 2/2/2011: Thanks to Ken in the Comments for the image link!

#OPCS-JB Jeremy Bonderman


  1. The Best thing about this OPC was the staduim cards.

  2. bonderman auto: