Grand Cards: The Low End of High End

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Low End of High End

Let me tell you why I love high end releases. Sometimes, my player of choice will get a card in that release's "base set", which is summarily rejected by almost everyone who buys the high-end cards and are subject to almost-zero demand and bargain basement prices. So hey, how about some pickups from the dollar bin?

2009 SP Authentic #67 Curtis Granderson

For the second straight year, SP Authentic is a winner. There is not a whole lot to dislike about this card. Except for maybe a marginally distinguishable parallel version:

2009 SP Authentic #67 Curtis Granderson Gold (#029/299)

I guess SP Authentic is more of a mid-high end, although it is still out of my price range. As for the actual high end, you know, the ones where you get one card and a bunch of filler, I present some filler:

2009 Topps Triple Threads #79 Curtis Granderson Emerald (#156/240)

2009 Topps Triple Threads #79 Curtis Granderson Gold (#49/99)

These cards aren't particularly impressive, but aren't terrible either. If I were to get them as an insert in a Topps pack, I would be fine with it. The fact that these are allegedly "high end" damages them in the eyes of others. For me, it is just one more notch on the belt. These cards are not the best and not the worst Grandersons out there. They just are. Why did I pick them up? Because they were cheap and I didn't have them and could combine shipping.

Those also happen to be the first "base cards" that Granderson has ever had in Triple Threads. Can you believe people pay over a hundred bucks a pack for the stuff? I mean, God bless them, because it puts cards like this up for sale at throwaway prices, but geez.

Anyway, a smattering of cards that I would never have a chance of getting in a pack to end the week. While the original owners are off enjoying their shiny autographs and the like, I'll just humbly add these to the binder, waiting for some more of these unloved cardboard creations to drop into my lap.

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  1. I hear ya man... I love picking up Chipper or McCan for .25 or .50 cents from all of the high end stuff. My binder is full of them and I've never bought a pack of the stuff.