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Friday, April 2, 2010

Grand Galleries: 2010 Topps Finest

I like Finest. I particularly like it when you have the chance to look at one page and see a full multi-colored refractory rainbow of a player. It was always a goal of mine to do this with Curtis Granderson cards, but I was never able to really come close. Thank goodness for Grand Galleries then, I suppose. And for living vicariously through eBay. Have you ever heard about how people get the same mental benefit from thinking about what they would do if the won the lottery as they do from actually winning the lottery? Yeah. This is kind of like that.

A few things to note: I will include printing plates as they appear, but I'm not going to soil the aesthetics of this otherwise complete page with my big "Grand Cards" logo. Also, if you want some more thoughts on Finest, please peruse my Tigers Gallery post for the set. With that, I am proud to present you with 2010 Topps Finest, the Complete Curtis Granderson collection:

#64 Curtis Granderson

#64 Curtis Granderson Refractor (#/599)

#64 Curtis Granderson Blue Ref. (#/299)

#64 Curtis Granderson Green Ref. (#/99)

#64 Curtis Granderson Gold Ref (#/50)

#64 Curtis Granderson Red Ref (#/25)

#64 Curtis Granderson Purple Ref (1/1)
#64 Curtis Granderson Printing Plate Black (1/1)
#64 Curtis Granderson Printing Plate Yellow (1/1)