Grand Cards: Turning Country Time into Minute Maid

Friday, April 16, 2010

Turning Country Time into Minute Maid

aka Turning Lemonade into...Better Lemonade. You come up with a better phrase for turning a good situation into a better situation.

Anyway, that is what I am dubbing the latest development with my collection. As you might recall, I recently initiated the break-up of my Granderson collection through the sale of two cards. One of these was an autographed 1/1 printing plate that I had always kind of liked but would have spent its days in a box never to be looked at or admired. Also, it was ugly. So, I traded it.

Sure, I sold it, but it basically amounted to a trade and my return card came in the mail yesterday.


For This:
2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers #ROA-AK Al Kaline Autograph

I'd say I got a pretty good deal.

I also think that that card will fit nicely alongside these in my new Heritage Auto/Relic collection:

Yessss. The Plan, she is progressing nicely.