Grand Cards: Market Forces

Monday, April 19, 2010

Market Forces

This does not totally surprise me, but I find this an interesting opportunity for social experiment in market forces.

Both cards that I sold last week are now re-listed on eBay by their respective buyers.

The UD Black card has a BIN/OBO of $149.99. Were it to sell for that amount, the new seller would have profited tremendously, and the card would have sold for roughly 6 times what I paid for it when I first bought it.

The Triple Threads card is re-listed as an auction, and I am very interested to see where it ends up in two days. I felt as though the card went cheap on my listing, and the buyer apparently thought so to, because it is right back up there.

No matter what happens, I'm going to take this as a learning experience--learning how to properly list and market cards, how to time them during the week even learning when to sell relative to other cards. The Granderson market has been unpredictable lately, with ho-hum cards selling for far more than I would expect and nice ones selling for a pittance. Either my preferences are out of whack or there is room to exploit some market inefficiencies. The two sellers of my former cards are clearly in the latter camp.