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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As someone who loves Oddball sets, you're sure to see me going ga ga over one that features a rookie card of one of the Tigers greats. This 1981 set was made by Topps and distributed by Coke in the Detroit area. There were sets made for 11 teams, most of which mirrored the 1981 Topps versions, but some which had subtle variations. Aurelio Lopez is the only Tigers card with a different picture than it's 1981 Topps version.

As oddball sets go, this one in fine, but nothing special. Really, it's just a 1981 set with a logo plastered on it. Still, for the Gibby alone, it's worth the price of admission (This came last week for $1 plus $2.50 shipping).

Title Card

#1 Champ Summers

#2 Al Cowens

#3 Rich Hebner

#4 Steve Kemp

#5 Aurelio Lopez

#6 Jack Morris

#7 Lance Parrish

#8 Johnny Wockenfuss

#9 Alan Trammell

#10 Lou Whitaker

#11 Kirk Gibson (RC)

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  1. I love seeing the boys as they were in 1981. Even though that was before I had been to my first game, it stirs fun memories of games at The Corner. Very nice.