Grand Cards: WANT. (More 2011 Topps Tigers)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WANT. (More 2011 Topps Tigers)

Ooh boy, the good stuff is flowing now.

I love the SP of Ty Cobb driving a freakin' car.

Mark Fidrych autograph is a great addition, following up on the unofficial RIP George Kell auto from the 2010 set.

Kaline, Obvs.

I'm liking these retail exclusive inserts. Here's a "Red Diamond" from Target of Miguel Cabrera. There's also a Cobb and Walmart has "Blue Diamonds":

Topps introduced silk cards a couple years ago, as some sort of quasi-parallel set with 50 cards. This year they are full fledged inserts (still 50 cards, I think) with different pictures and all!

More and more cards will appear in the days ahead, and I'll put a gallery together once I have images of everything. In the meantime, here's the working checklist

It also appears as though my crazy gold foil/silver foil hypothesis was just a trick of the light. Sorry if I got anybody in a tizzy.


  1. I love the silk cards. That Cobb is pretty sweet too. Check out my blog:

  2. The Red Diamond looks good. I also like the auto of the Bird, but how long has Topps been sitting on the Fidrych autos?

  3. least a year and a half. His death was unexpected though, so it makes sense to use them over time. No reason to do a sticker dump all at once.

  4. I was just wondering about the "Bird's" auto, man, that must be some vault Topps is sitting on. In a side story, Mark actually installed the inground pool for my cousins in Westborough, MA back around 1985. He owned a pool installation company and they did some bit about him for the All-Star game, my cousin's pool was in that footage.

  5. I'm pretty sure that car is the Chalmers that Cobb was awarded following the controversial 1910 batting title race with Nap Lajoie. Sports Illustrated had a great story on the race last year and if memory serves that photo was in the print edition.

    Lajoie also got a Chalmers, quote:
    Later he supposedly said with a wink, "I've always understood that the automobile I got ran a lot better than the one they gave to Ty."

    Cobb quote:
    As he told writers at spring training the following year, in the off-season he would sometimes drive by his teammates in Detroit, the Tigers who had prematurely congratulated Lajoie. Cobb wouldn't say a word. "I just honk the horn of my new car at them."

    Full story, highly recommended reading:

    -- Los Gatos (Barry)

  6. OK, you know my question...where are the Boesch cards?

  7. Boesch has a fantastic base card, and of course all of the parallels that accompany it. That looks like it for right now though

  8. tons of cards make this a challenging team set to collect, and now we have this to deal with...

  9. Yeah, I know all about that. I've been tracking those all day and was saddened what a Cabrera was unveiled.

    This card sucks, and I don't think I'll be trying to collect it. Just another unnecessary variation like the many that are already out there. Same picture plus a photoshopped diamond? Pass.

  10. at least the pie in the faces were sorta fun looking. the sparkle is a tad lame.

  11. Found the Cobb in a car card the other day in a pack I bought at Target. Was happy to see that one!

    Picked up the Boesch card today at my first card show. That's a great looking card. You can see the stitching on the ball right before he, I assume, hits it. Really seems like it's suspended in air - or resting against the ump in the background.