Grand Cards: First Take on 2011 Topps

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Take on 2011 Topps

Working Checklist Here.

2011 Topps officially releases tomorrow, but cards are popping up in retail stores and have trickled on to eBay. I like what I see.

But first, things first. Here's a Tigers team set on eBay from TNT cards:

Now here are some cards posted by Dropped Third Strike last night:

See any difference? It looks to me like the first cards have Gold Foil and the second ones have Silver. In other words, it is possible that Topps has created two complete parallel sets--one for Hobby boxes (Gold) and one for Retail (Silver). This is an interesting (disturbing?) development, if true.

Anyway, onto the Tiger show. The base checklist is small, but I kind of like it. There is nobody on there that makes me go WHO? or WHY? the way that certain people have in the past (Brent Dlugach last year, Chris Lambert in 2009 etc.)

33 Max Scherzer
94 Ryan Raburn
109 Hamilton/Cabrera/Mauer LL: AVG
121 Brandon Inge
150 Miguel Cabrera
175 Brennan Boesch
179 Armando Galarraga
181 Magglio Ordonez
182 Jeremy Bonderman
202 Bautista/Konerko/Cabrera LL: HR
264 Ryan Perry
306 Cabrera/Rodriguez/Bautista LL: RBI

I dig it, especially with Miguel Cabrera on all three triple crown league leaders cards. Bondo and Galarraga are gone, but those are recent developments and they deserve a Series 1 card, IMO. Props to Ryan Raburn for making the cut.

There are a ton of inserts, as always, but it feels like there are especially alot this year. Already, I have spotted SEVEN cards of Ty Cobb. Ridiculous. It's their 60th anniversary, so I'm going to give Topps some slack on this one, but next year I'd really like to see this Topps slim down its set to just a couple of inserts.

Speaking of which, I really dig the look of the Topps 60 subset. Relevant, nicely done, maybe a little dull, but I like it. Here's Johnny Damon, on the only Tigers autograph or relic that has surfaced yet:

"Most consecutive 80 run seasons in the AL*" Hmm. I wonder what the asterisk stands for. I guess everybody does have a record, right Heartbreaking Cards?

One of my favorite additions in recent years have been the retail-only commemorative patches. I talked about them the other day. Well, this one may be the best yet, featuring my the old-school Tigers logo that I've always loved.

Having not seen the whole card, I'm not exactly sure what they're commemorating, but I dig the concept of a current player somehow paying tribute to the past, although for the life of me, I can't figure out what stands out about the 1961 Tigers.

Finally, although no Tigers have cropped up yet, I wanted to point out the new "Platinum Diamond" parallels.

Yeah, I'll be collecting these. They look amazing. I may try to collect a Gold set, as I typically do, but with INSANE ODDS for them (1:25 Blasters and 1:17 Retail?!?!) I may have to take a pass. Hopefully my OCD side can forgive me. I guess we'll see.

I'm sure that there will be more to come from me as more cards leak out. I'll be putting together a gallery as soon as I can get a definitive checklist and good images start cropping up. In the meantime, welcome to the real start of 2011 everyone!


  1. Love the old school Tigers logo patch!!! And dear God, I hope there aren't Gold and Silver parallels. Won't be able to find these in my area till Thursday at the earliest as we're getting buried again in New England.

  2. I also like the old school logo. Maybe they are comparing Miggy's season to Norm Cash's 61 season (both were first basemen)? Only link I can find. Also, what's up the the Ordonez card? That does not look like a "photo" but kind of artsy. I saw a Heath Bell on another blog with the same look. Oh, and it will be at least a month before the cards arrive in Arkansas.

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures/scans. Can't get to your checklist. It says I don't have permission (and I'm signed in with my Google account).

  4. Sorry about the checklist--I just changed the permissions, so things should be all set.

  5. started ordering my stuff from tnt the other day. so exciting!

    i hope they're saving all the austin jackson cards for series 2. dude was runner up/shoulda been AL ROY and not even an insert!

    funny you should mention the lambert and dlugach cards, topps forgot to throw a random tiger rookie into series 1...

    i hope we get a v-mart variation, or at least him in the tigers 15-card factory team set ;)

  6. There are Fidrych and Kaline autos posted as of yesterday as well

  7. There sure are, and I think that they look fantastic. There's a Scherzer auto listed as well.

  8. Yeah, the 1961 thing could very well be Cash. The problem I have with it--and don't get me wrong, I love the card--is that THAT logo (which, again, is my favorite) was definitely not their logo in 1961. They had a yellow tiger, no circle. I think this logo was introduced in the 80s.

    Would have been no problem if they wanted to commemorate 1984.

  9. I could apologize for being a pain in the rear, but honestly, I find being a pain to be rather entertaining. I still can't get to the checklist, so I clicked on the link that said..."Request access to this document," and GoogleDocs claims that I will get an email if and when you give me permission. It all sounds very tentative to me. LOL

  10. Odd they would match Cabrera w/Cash's '61 season after Norm admitted to using a corked bat to achieve his great season.