Grand Cards: Going Toppsless

Monday, February 7, 2011

Going Toppsless

I have nothing against 2011 Topps--in fact, all indications are that I am going to like it very much. It also seems that everyone in the world has been talking about it for days, to the point where, less than a week after its official release all card blog readers know everything there is to know about 2011 Topps.

So, to help balance the world out, this blog is going (2011) Toppsless for the next week. The good thing is, I've actually had quite a few nice card packages come across my desk, so there should be some good stuff to fill the void.

I'm not going completely Toppsless, I'm just not posting on the 2011 version. Everything prior to this year is still fair game.

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  1. If you're going Toppsless, we need pics. I'm just sayin'.