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Monday, February 28, 2011

Great Customer Service: The Sandlot Comes Through

For those of you who view this blog through an RSS feed (as I do with most blogs), over the last few months I have taken to using Lightbox to blow the thumbnails in my galleries. This does not come through in RSS. So, if you'd like to see my small pictures in a clean, large format, click on over and scroll through the gallery. I will issue some version of this disclaimer on applicable posts for the next few weeks, fyi.

A few weeks ago I thought that I had struck gold. A google search revealed that the elusive, nay, literally impossible to find, Andrew Miller 15b card was for sale on a site called Sandlot Cards for a pittance. So I ordered it.

About five hours later, I found this in my inbox:
Thank you for your recent order with Sandlot Cards. In searching our inventory I found that we did not have the Andrew Miller 'Posed' version of the 2007 Topps card in stock, we only had the version with him pitching.


But wait, there's more. In an exemplary show of customer service, Sandlot offered to refund my money in full, and give me a $5 credit on anything in their store plus free shipping. Bargain shopping spree ho!

It turns out that their is an odd assortment of cards on their site, but the site itself is very well organized and eminently searchable. Let me search by "Tigers" and I will be a happy, happy man. What I found was a variety of vintage cards, some stuff from the 80s, and then cards from the last couple years. In an odd way, it was like searching the inventory of just about every card blogger I know. Did 1995-2005 just not exist?

Anyway, I maxed out my $5 credit on 5 cards which came shipped in a bubble mailer, each with in their own sleeves and top loaders and immaculate condition. This is not a huge deal when you've ordered something like this:

Even thought that is THE LAST CARD I NEEDED to finish my '83 Topps set. It's a much bigger deal when you're dealing with things like this:

That's four '69 Topps cards, all in absolutely perfect shape.

What can I say other than I am very impressed with Sandlot's customer service and will peruse their site from time to time to see if they can help me out with some other cards I need. Next time on great stories in customer service: An ebay seller who gave me a refund on shipping. Yes, I'm serious.

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