Grand Cards: Hey Now...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey Now...

You see what I'm doing here? If you're like me, any number of songs may have popped into your head. ...the dream is over... and, if you're like me, you now have the horrible all star song in your head. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.

Consummate Tiger fan and card blogger sixtyfeetsix (aka Jim) was digging through some boxes and found a bunch of extra cards from the 2005 All Star fanfest in Detroit. I happened to be in Detroit for all of the All Star festivities, but didn't make it out to fanfest and also wasn't collecting cards at the time. That's where Jim comes in.

The 2005 All Star Fanfest set had 9 cards, thanks to Jim, I now have 6 of them. I also happen to have a few extras if anyone is interested.

First, there are some great dual Tigers Hall of Famers/HOFer-to-be cards:

Next, a couple of Bronx Bombers:

And finally...


I know that people are tired of relic cards, but you know what? I'm not. When someone sends me a card like this out of the blue, I can't help but become overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much for the cards, Jim. I am now officially on a mission to complete the rest of the 9-card set.


  1. I assumed it was a Larry Sanders reference... -Andy

  2. Hello there...I'm new to the card-blog community but wanted to express my interest in the extras you mention. Maybe we can arrange a swap of some sort.


  3. Which 3 are you missing? Maybe I can help you complete the set.

  4. I'm pretty sure that it is a 9 card set, and that this is 6 of the 9. I think that there's a Pujols in there, a Pudge Jersey card and something else I'm not sure of at the moment.

  5. Sounds good....I have extras of this set and I'll take a look at what I have. I collected the set at Fanfest in 2005 and picked up extras along the way. If I have what you're missing they will be in the mail.