Grand Cards: Card Cameos: Will Rhymes Makes His Topps Debut

Friday, February 4, 2011

Card Cameos: Will Rhymes Makes His Topps Debut

There's a lot to like about Will Rhymes. He's the Tigers' most prolific twitterer. He's a humanitarian. He's tiny. He's a scrappy, gritty gritstein dirtball type in the mold of David Eckstein except way better and he doesn't throw like a girl. The hell with David Eckstein.

But to this point, there has not been a Topps baseball card made of Will. Sure, he made his major league debut just last year, but they found a way to fit Andy Oliver in, didn't they? And Danny Worth? Well, with the introduction of 2011 Topps Baseball this week, Will Rhymes finally makes his Topps Debut. Kind of.

Hey, you have to start somewhere, right?


  1. Hilarious! Way to go Will

  2. Looks more like a scene from Predator.

  3. Kinda like Chris Sabo's blurry appearance in the background on Pat Pacillo's 1988 Topps card.