Grand Cards: Brandon Inge To Participate in Home Run Derby

Friday, July 10, 2009

Brandon Inge To Participate in Home Run Derby

In a nice Detroit News article about Brandon Inge making the All-Star team, I uncovered this juicy little nugget:

Inge also said Thursday he will compete in Monday's Home Run Derby.

"I figured it would be something to have fun with," he said. "I watched the Derby more as a kid than the game. (The game) was too long."

Prepare to be amazed, world.

Given the prevalence with which the "big stars" have generally declined to participate in the Derby in recent years, it is nice to see somebody genuinely excited about the taking part in the event. On behalf of baseball fans everywhere, thank you.

UPDATE: Apparently was on top of this late last night. Here's a whole story on Inge "likely" in the Derby.


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  2. He's my Tiger!

    I have to say that I've had more of a feeling of excitement about this All Star Game than ever before on account of Inge being there. Most likely, I think, because he himself is exhibiting so much excitement, which is refreshing after seeing so many 12-time allstars, e.g. being so blase about it.