Grand Cards: Elsewhere in Cyperspace: Topps Backlash Edition

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Elsewhere in Cyperspace: Topps Backlash Edition

My full thoughts on the "Topps screwed us all with this retail BS" situation are now up on the Cardboard Connection. No, it's not just me up on a soapbox.

Here's an excerpt from the full article:
By pulling what was essentially a bait and switch, Topps has screwed the whole thing up. Sure, people may buy a blaster for the novelty, but they have wrecked the set and team collectors that were looking forward to this release. It is now either financially impossible or simply too frustrating to go after these cards in their limited release and they will turn elsewhere.

In writing this, I looked back on the first article I wrote about these retail cards, back when I was excited for their release. I couldn't help but notice what now appears to be an ominous closing paragraph:
So now, with Series 2 upon us, I can’t wait for Topps to tell us which UPC codes to use this time so that the chase can begin. Somehow, through some dark magic that I will never understand, Topps has gotten me excited to collect three versions of the same basic set. Kudos. Just don’t do something tricky or secret to screw it all up. We may be idiots, but we’re not dumb.

No, we're not. Read the full article, "Topps To Collectors: Drop Dead" over at the Cardboard Connection.

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