Grand Cards: The Catch Up

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Catch Up

Well, it's been a surreal, whirlwind of a week for me. In order to collect my thoughts, I think a bulleted post is necessary.

-Granderson was killer in the All Star game. 1-1 with a Triple?! If not for Crawford's Granderson-esque catch, I think we would have seen the first Detroit All Star MVP in the history of baseball. Boy, that would have been nice. Not to say that Crawford didn't deserve it, and I'm certainly one to appreciate excellent defense, but he was only 1-3 with a single. Granderson hit what was essentially a double and used quick thinking and hustle to push it to a triple, single-handedly setting up the winning run. Say Crawford doesn't make the catch, and he single-handedly sets up the tying run. Regardless, great job by Curtis, shining his brightest on the national stage.

-I have a billion packages to go through, with all sorts of cards in them. In fact, here's one that you can feast your eyes on:
2009 Topps Attax Curtis Granderson Silver Foil
This hereby closes my 2009 Topps Attax set.

-Speaking of sets, I've been compiling checklists for the public good. Only 2009 so far, but I will keep it updated and start working backwards.

-Speaking of the public good, I am now a full-fledged Zistler. That's right, I am on board with Zistle after realizing that I could supplement my checklists with a collector's tool. I have slowly been uploading checklist information to Zistle and will add pictures as new cards come in.

-The Series 2 retail group break is on and active. I will speak more about this in a separate post, but Hand Collated has discovered that the cards will be released in about 4 weeks. Slots are still open, by the way.

That should wrap it up for now, there are many many posts to come, although I'll try to spread them out to some degree. In the meantime, I leave you with another new addition, this one of the game used variety:

2009 SPx WM4-VGSZ Verlander/Granderson/Sheffield/Zumaya

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