Grand Cards: This Just In: A sticker autograph I'm okay with

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Just In: A sticker autograph I'm okay with

A very brief lunchtime post here.

I had trouble deciding whether I was going to include this card in my Granderson collection or in my Topps Tigers Team set collection. Right now it's in the Granderson box, but we'll see if it stays that way. Either way, my internal battle is no reason to keep the card from the public eye:

2009 Topps #BCA-CG Curtis Granderson WBC Autograph

Yes it is a sticker autograph. No, I don't care. Who can resist a Granderson card in a Team USA jersey? Not I, apparently. For the moment this is a unique item in the collection for that reason alone. Of course, that can all change in a wink, especially with Updates & Highlights giving us a dose of WBC Dual and Triple relics this fall. Count me in. Anything to prevent another plain white jersey swatch.


  1. Put it in your Granderson collection. He's playing for Team USA, not Team Detroit Tigers.

  2. Agree. Granderson collection. That's a great card.

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