Grand Cards: Series 2 Tigers: Carlos Guillen Silk

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Series 2 Tigers: Carlos Guillen Silk

This is a baseball card blog after all, despite the many recent non-baseball card posts. Helping to share the shipping costs with Mr. Ni was a Silk version of the poor, injured Carlos Guillen:
2009 Topps Carlos Guillen Silk (#22/50)

I tend to like the silk cards for a few reasons.

1. They are cards printed on cloth, which is kind of kitschy and fun. I've recently thought that this idea should be expanded upon and instead of giving us blank pieces of game used cloth in cards, they should just print the cards on the jersey.
2. They are distinct enough to not confuse with a regular parallel. For one, the picture portion is quite small, like a mini card, but it is housed in a regular sized frame. They stand out from the crowd with ease.
3. They are serial numbered on the front, something that I am a proponent of. Granted, in this case the numbering is a bit too big and takes too central a role, but so be it.

The only problem with these cards is that I'm not quite sure how I want to classify them. I normally wouldn't consider them part of the master set because they're so obviously a parallel. At the same time, they're definitely an insert/separate subset: Not all players have them, they have a completely different structure etc. For now, I guess, I'll think of it this way: If I can pick one up cheap, I will, but I'm not going to kill myself trying to chase these down. I do like them, though.

Card Cost: .99
Shipping: 1.50 (1/2 of a 3.00 package)

Totals to Date:
Cards: $15.91
Shipping: $13.75
Total: $29.66


  1. .99 cents for a /50 is a steal! nice pick up dan. hopefully we'll see some carlos after the all-star break ;).

  2. silk cards fall into that catagory of cards i don't collect/chase for my particular "master" set, along with the /58's, 1/1's, and a few other #'d parallels/inserts, but for player collectors they're pretty sweet.

  3. I pulled a Mark Derosa silk out of a topps series 2 box. They are pretty unique and certainly numbered to 50 makes it worth it. Nice steal!