Grand Cards: Mail Day! Part 1 from A Cardboard Problem

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mail Day! Part 1 from A Cardboard Problem

It is possible that this weekend, despite all of the relaxing and around the house things that I intend to do, I will be able to catch up on the piles and piles of cards that have accumulated over the last few weeks.

Since Marie just recognized the fact that I sent her some return cards, I figure that it's high time I show off the cards she sent me in the first place. Part 2 from A Cardboard Problem will be a pile of Grandersons/Tigers that Sooz sent me out of the goodness of her heart.

Having held out on buying Topps Series 2 cards until the retail parallels were released, I have missed out on picking up some of the Tigers inserts that I needed, including a couple of Mr. Cobb himself.

2009 Topps #LLG-15 Ty Cobb (Target Exclusive)

I'm a huge fan of the retail-exclusive inserts this year, despite them being a bit cumbersome to pick up. Of course, with people like Marie out there, it makes life a little bit easier. This card, and the Wal-Mart exclusive from Series 1, are the two Cobb inserts that come in regular packs from each respective store. Of course, there is a regular Ty Cobb insert as well, available in all packs:

2009 Topps #LGCB-TC Ty Cobb
I'm less impressed with this card, which is part of the reason that I like the retail exclusives so much. Something about those faded color photos make them much more personal than this even more colorless shot of Cobb outstretched. I think that it is the picture I don't like, mostly. Maybe if he were sliding in to a base to amputate somebody below the knee I would feel different.

I thought that after Series 1 that I would be Cobb-ed out. Honestly, I thought that I was tired of Cobb cards during Series 1, with all of the parallels and exclusives and SPs and the like. What I've found instead is that Series 2 has some very nice Cobbs as well and, considering that he is the greatest player to ever put on a Tigers uniform, I guess I should be glad that he is featured so regularly, instead of, say, a card that looks at the career of Paul Gibson or Dave Collins or something.

Just for good measure, Marie threw another card into the bunch.
2009 Topps #TTT43 Curtis Granderson

Sweet. Bright blue, Tigers logo, Granderson swinging? All good things. He may even morph into 3-d under a digital camera, although I haven't tried that yet.

So, a hearty Thank You to Marie, who made my life so much easier by sending these cards my way. I hope you enjoyed your little return package of Yankees.

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