Grand Cards: Group Break Chaos: Topps "Black" and "Throwback"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Group Break Chaos: Topps "Black" and "Throwback"

This is why we wait...

NachosGrande is on it, Hand Collated is pissed, and the rest of us are just searching for answers.

Indeed, I have been to the mountaintop, but there is no promised land before us. I went to my own walmart today to find that there were specially marked blasters there, with "black background parallels" seeded in 2 packs per blaster. The serial number on these had the "13" that Dayf told us to keep our eyes out for. At this point, it seems as though the walmart "black" cards (and presumably the throwbacks at target) are seeded at 2 packs per blaster.

I have emailed Topps and await their response. For now, the Retail Group Breaks are on indefinite hold, as it makes zero sense to buy blasters of this product with only two parallel packs in them. I'll let you know what I discover. Also, I'm anticipating a more extensive post about this at the Cardboard Connection, as they have a bit wider of a distribution than yours truly.

Give us the truth, Topps and the truth will set you free.


  1. I also sent Topps an email about this - they were good to me last time (series 1) and provided me (and the rest of us) the key to knowing what cards we were buying based on the serial numbers. Hopefully they are equally helpful this time around.

  2. I saw the Target versions today, but didn't get any. Same deal - 2 packs per box.