Grand Cards: This Just In: Old Time Curtis & Friends

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Just In: Old Time Curtis & Friends

With card collectors' collective hearts still fluttering over a certain vintage set, it seemed appropriate to unveil a few recently acquired cards from another, more criticized, less loved set from this year.

2009 UD Goudey #35-37 Cabrera/Ordonez/Granderson/Guillen

This is, of course, the 4-in-1 card from 2009 Goudey that mimics the old 1935 4-in-1 cards (hence the odd numbering on the back). I do tend to like multi-player cards, so that is a plus. A downside is the fact that Ordonez and Guillen have been non-factors on the team, replacing them with Verlander and Jackson would have been awesome, but considering that Jackson isn't even in the set, I'm not going to worry about it.

There are a few parallel versions of this card:
2009 UD Goudey #35-37 Cabrera/Ordonez/Granderson/Guillen Blue Border

2009 UD Goudey #35-37 Cabrera/Ordonez/Granderson/Guillen Green Border

All of the pictures on this card are shrunken-down head shots of the players regular Goudey card. This isn't really a problem for any of the Tigers cards, as they seem to have avoided the "cadaver treatment" in which they looked washed out and half-dead in their cards, although Cabrera and Ordonez don't look their absolute best.

In all, these cards a perfectly enjoyable and a nice departure from a typical card layout and design--all welcome things when putting together a player collection. Sure, it's not that other vintage set, but it will have to do for now.

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