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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grand Galleries: 2003 Grandstand

In 2003 Curtis Granderson was little more than a fresh faced minor leaguer, newly removed from the friendly confines of the University of Illinois-Chicago. As such, the baseball card world included him in the obligatory minor league team set, and his performance earned him another card--Top Prospect in the Florida State League.

These two cards are from two different sets, technically. They are also the only two cards produced of Granderson in 2003. Seeing as how they're produced by the same company and use the same picture, I think they only deserve one post. Let's take a look:

2003 Grandstand: Lakeland Tigers Team Set #23 Curtis Granderson

This is an odd card, although I'll make a few comments. I love that old Lakeland Tigers logo, which has now been replaced by a less-cool Lakeland Flying Tigers logo. I love seeing Grandy wearing the stirrups, one of the few, if not the only, instances where this is the case. As for the card itself, I get it. They're trying to mimic dirt on a field, which looks crummy. Also, everything is on an angle which makes me feel like the card is miscut even though it isn't. That said, this is exactly what I think of when I think of a low-level minor league baseball card.

How about the other?
2003 Grandstand: FSL Top Prospects #22 Curtis Granderson

Ahh. Much better. Despite the fact that his stirrups are now obscured, I no longer need to tilt my head to enjoy this card. Nice little FSL logo for us to enjoy as well.