Grand Cards: Start From The Start

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Start From The Start

Life is all about balance, right?  I've been frantically trying to solidify 2009 Checklists and find pictures of all the cards and trying to keep tabs on 2010 Topps and pull pictures from there and trying to find room for new cards that come in and sorting through all of the old cards that are still unsorted and getting cards to send out in trades and it just gets...tiring.

I'm guessing you know the feeling.  Amidst all of this hustle and bustle, mostly centering around cards that are new(ish), I realized that I needed to balance things out.  It's time to take a step back and start at the start.
1886 Lorillard Detroit Wolverines Team Card

This, my friends, is the first known baseball card of a Detroit-based club. This card predates the Tigers by a good 15 years. The back makes it feel as much like a promotional schedule or poster as it does a card (it is not a card, per se but falls into that category of old cabinet cards and the like):
1886 Lorillard Detroit Wolverines Team Card (Back)

And that's really all that I have to say about that. I just wanted to take a step back and see where this whole crazy hobby began.

These images come from Old Cardboard which, based on my initial observations, is the preeminent site for vintage card information. I strongly recommend a visit over there to learn more about the origins of these cards that we spend so much time collecting