Grand Cards: Smitty! (Or, Claim your Braves!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Smitty! (Or, Claim your Braves!)

Last week I held a contest. There were three winners.

Except that it seems as though Smitty 1) violated the rules and 2) still hasn't provided me with his address.

So, here is what I say, with the rest of the internet as my witness: Smitty has hereby forfeited his winnings unless I am proved wrong in my accusations--by that I mean, I must know by 8pm tonight under what name Smitty is following the blog and he must send his address. He cannot retroactively follow the blog (well he can, but it won't help him win), it must have been done before the end of the contest, for fairness.

If that does not occur, then I've got a couple hundred Braves cards that are heading to the next closest Braves entrant in the contest (I'm glad there were so many). By my calculation, that would be Dayf, who guessed 342 Other cards.

Last chance Smitty--get in touch before your cards are out the window.