Grand Cards: His Life Is In Your Hands (Please Vote!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

His Life Is In Your Hands (Please Vote!)

He wanted me to repeat that. His life is in your hands.

Here's the deal: Smitty wrote me back and admitted that he handn't followed my blog and that if he broke the rules then he was fine conceding the cards. But, I'm not in a blog-dictator mood today so I thought I'd democratize the issue.

I offered this: Become a follower of the blog now (he did) and I'll let the rest of the readers decide who gets the cards.

So world, what say you?

Should he get the cards even though he violated the first rule of the contest (but adhered to the others)? Or, should the next closest person get the cards because they followed all the rules?

The poll is up in the sidebar. Voting will end tomorrow so that I can get the cards shipped to the winners on Saturday.