Grand Cards: And The Winners Are...

Friday, January 1, 2010

And The Winners Are...

Thanks to everybody who participated in my Anniversary Contest. I had about as much fun as you can expect someone that has twelve partially sorted boxes of cards in front of them to have, which is to say that I had a blast. When all is said and done, I came away with a nice assortment of useful Tigers cards, plenty of nice 90s junk wax and some oddballs and such.

But, of course, I ramble. You want to know the winners. Here are the stats:

I pulled 140 different Tigers cards for myself and 566 other cards.

That means that AdamE wins his Red Sox for his closest guess of 162 Tigers cards.

It also means that there is a two-way tie between Smitty and NightOwl, who each guessed 500 cards. What do I do in the case of a tie? You're both winners.

I enlisted the help of my wife and friends and we just spent the last hour pulling every Red Sock, Dodger and Brave that we could find--even dipping into the cards I had set aside for myself. The result is a full box of those three teams, and change. I hope that you are each pleased with the results.

I'm traveling back home tomorrow (Lake Effect snow permitting), but please email me with your mailing address and I will find a way to box up your cards and ship them out as soon as I can.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest, and I look forward to plenty of fun new content as we enter the new year!