Grand Cards: Save The Cards! (aka: Contest Ends Tonight, Hurry!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Save The Cards! (aka: Contest Ends Tonight, Hurry!)

A Super-duper one year blog Anniversary and New Year's Contest is going on. Enter It!


  • I have now opened 10 of the 12 boxes and have found a wide range of cards including Topps from 1962-1980, Stadium Club, Upper Deck, Fleer, Bowman, Score Select, SPx, Pinnacle, Topps, Leaf, Donruss and Collectors Choice from the late 80's through 1994 (at least), Minor League Player Cards, Oddball Cards etc. There is a HUGE range of stuff here.

  • You must become a follower of this blog if you're not already.

  • Please spread the word via your blog or other outlets, doing so will get you an extra entry

  • I will not be able to take all of these cards home. Not even close. There is the very real possibility that the remaining cards will be thrown away after I leave. Can you have that on your conscience?

  • Because of their impending doom, I may offer random bonus prizes as well to give some of these a happy home, but if you haven't entered the contest, you won't get a shot

  • The Contest Ends Tonight at 8pm EST

Happy New Year Everyone, enjoy yourselves some football, and maybe an outdoor hockey game.