Grand Cards: The Great Grand Cards Anniversary Contest!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Great Grand Cards Anniversary Contest!

I've been traveling over the last few days and have been occupied spending time with family and friends, leaving little time to blog at all. WIth that, the one year anniversary of this blog passed unceremoniously at 11:59pm last night.

But no worries! I don't have a anniversary post planned, but I have something better. Last night, when we arrived to visit our friends in Ohio, I was greeted with this Christmas gift from my friend Mike:

That is TWELVE boxes, of varying sizes, of baseball cards (with some basketball/hockey etc. thrown in. Much of it is as you expect--there is your metric ton of early 90s stuff--including a fabulous starter set of 1992 Stadium Club, but I've also seen some pre-1980s Topps stuff, some neat minor league and oddball cards etc.

Here's the catch. 1) I can't transport all of them home and 2) I can't necessarily keep all that I bring home. That means these boxes need to be combed through to find the things I want and the rest left for Mike to do as he pleases. Which brings me to the contest.


Contest Rules
1. Become a follower of this blog (if you are already a follower, just let me know in the comments
2. Guess how many DIFFERENT Detroit Tigers cards I pull from these boxes to bring home
3. Guess how many OTHER cards I decide to bring home with me.
4. Post about this contest on your blog (and provide a link) to get a second guess of each.

Two people will win--The person who most closely guesses the number of Tigers Cards and the one who is closest to the overall number of cards that I keep (Closest, overall--not Price-is-Right rules). The Winners will receive all the cards of their team of choice that I can find. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR TEAM OF CHOICE WITH YOUR ENTRY.

January 1st, 8pm Eastern Time.

We are leaving here on the 2nd, so this will give me just enough time to count my cards, find the winners and pull all the cards of the winners. Because of this very tight time frame, I will bypass a winning guess that does not include a team of choice in the comments.

That's it. The Clock is Ticking so GO GO GO! Feel free to comment with any questions.