Grand Cards: The Grand Scheme Envies The Gentiles

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Grand Scheme Envies The Gentiles

Christmas has come and gone and that can only mean one thing: card bloggers from around the globe can showcase their take.

Tradition...tradition! Tradition! Christmas traditions, that is. This is more pre-christmas, I suppose, but Thorzul has the whole Card-Vent Calendar filled in beautifully. Game-worn Rick Majerus anyone? Over at Cardboard Junkie, dayf completes the 12 Days of Cardmas in macabre fashion.

Having Pun With The Holiday White Sox Cards does it very nicely.

The Christmas Story as told by Wrigley Wax makes me think that Jesus was a little more robust than your average child.

Under The Tree... were many, many nice things. Allow me to selectively envy a few:

Dinged Corners

Sooz and Marie at A Cardboard Problem:


Also, White Sox Cards got a bevy of packs, Mark's Ephemera got a bevy of Bernie's, and Baseball Dad comes away with a beautiful signed magazine from the Original Rocky. More wonderful gifts can be found around the card blog world.

The Ho Ho Holiday Contest Beardy's pet project yielded some outstanding custom cards. Go there now to vote for your favorite. I didn't participate so allow me to bias you by showing you my choice.

Misc. Seems to me that there was a disturbing absence of Hannukah posts this year. I may need to figure out something to remedy that next year. Is anyone else feeling unfulfilled by this baseball offseason? Old English D needs something more. Oh please oh please let These Elves build us something good next year. Please. Obligatory Curtis Granderson post: Bless You Boys asks whether the hitting coach in Detroit was to blame for his struggles. Also, a long time ago, Jake Fox was traded. Then the "hot stove" world collapsed around me and I forgot about it. Mind now clear, I'll try to get an "M in the MLB" post up at some point. Also x2: Wednesday is the one year anniversary of this blog. I currently have nothing planned so I better get the mind gears turning.