Grand Cards: Tigers Checklist: 2009 Topps Heritage

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tigers Checklist: 2009 Topps Heritage

Let's say so long to glum front page articles and go with something nice. Topps Heritage is nice. In fact, Topps Heritage is so nice that I've been compelled to start collecting it, so, woo. The 2009 Set is full of wonderful landscaped images, bright colors, a big checklist and some hilariously bad photoshop jobs (I'm looking at you, Edwin and Gerald).

Let's take a look at your 2009 Topps Heritage Tigers (feel free quietly lament--or celebrate--how few of them will actually take the field in an Old English D in 2010):

Base Set The wonderful landscape base set would look great in the old-school 8-card binder folders from the 50s. As it is, these are normal sized cards fit in the 9 page binder, but you have to deal with them looking sideways. Not here though--yeah it take more rows, but I prefer the landscaped style. The "High Numbers" update set starts at number 500--the Tigers' first high number card is #505 Adam Everett--and goes through the end, but I'm including these all as part of the same set.

#6 Brandon Inge
#50 Curtis Granderson
#68 Edwin Jackson
#72 Detroit Tigers
#85 Justin Verlander
#118 Chris Lambert RC
#186 Joel Zumaya
#221 Jim Leyland
#245 Carlos Guillen
#361 Gerald Laird
#396 Gary Sheffield
#400 Magglio Ordonez
#414 Miguel Cabrera
#418 Armando Galarraga
#443 Marcus Thames SP
#452 Placido Polanco SP
#461 Tigers Coaches SP
#505 Adam Everett
#510 Alfredo Figaro RC
#526 Brandon Lyon
#573 Fu-Te Ni RC
#618 Jarrod Washburn
#663 Wilkin Ramirez RC
#672 Aubrey Huff
#676 Ryan Perry RC
#718 Rick Porcello RC SP

Inserts Not much in the way of Tigers inserts in Heritage. I'm going to call the Chrome cards inserts, even though they are kind of like parallels. What's your vote? I say insert since the numbering system is different, they don't include the whole set and they have their own parallels. Speak of which, the Cabrera and Verlander are regular chromes numbered to 1960, the Porcello (High Number) shown is of the refractor variety and is numbered to 560. The Fu-Te Ni (High Numbers) shows the last chrome variation, a Black Refractor numbered to 60. All four cards exist in all three versions. The last insert, also from the High Numbers set, is a Rick Porcello "Rookie Performers" card:

#C53 Miguel Cabrera Chrome
#C66 Justin Verlander Chrome
#CHR171 Rick Porcello RC Refractor
#CHR184 Fu-Te Ni RC Black Refractor
#RP-4 Rick Porcello "Rookie Performers"

Autographs Never the strong suit of the Heritage set are the "hits." In this case, the autographs are of Three Tigers featured in the 1960 set. Blue and Red Ink (#/60) versions of the regular autographs exist, and auto/relic cards of Groth and Wilson are numbered to 25. There's also a 1/1 cut signature of Eddie Yost, which I haven't yet seen, hence the substitute picture.

#ROA-JG Johnny Groth
#ROA-JG Johnny Groth Red Ink /60
#ROA-JP Jim Proctor
#ROA-JP Jim Proctor Red Ink /60
#ROA-RJW Red Wilson
#ROA-RJW Red Wilson Red Ink /60
#FBA-JG Johnny Groth Flashback Auto /25
#FBAR-JG Johnny Groth Flashback Stadium Auto/Relic /25
#FBA-RW Red Wilson Flashback Auto /25
#FBAR-RW Red Wilson Flashback Stadium Auto/Relic /25
#HCS-EY Eddie Yost Heritage Cut Signature (1/1)

Relics Dontrelle is your featured relic in the regular series (boo), along with an Al Kaline "Flashback" Tiger Stadium Set (yay). In the High Numbers set, Miguel Cabrera is your only Tiger relic. Kaline shares rare (#/10) cards with Mickey Mantle and Brooks Robinson that I'd love to get my eyes on.

#CC-DW Dontrelle Willis
#CC-MIC (High #) Miguel Cabrera
#FR-AK Al Kaline

#DFR-KM Al Kaline/Mickey Mantle /10
#DFR-RK Brooks Robinson/Al Kaline /10

Advertising Panels These Box Toppers are essentially three cards in one, that don't look different from the regular cards. There are a bunch of Tigers in the set, both regular and high numbers, none of which have numbers. I'll show what I've seen, but I'll refer you to the checklist for the full list of what I've seen listed/mentioned/listed on Beckett. As I find more, I'll grab some shots and add them here.

Bard/Greene/PERRY RC (High #)
Hernandez/LYON/Uehara (High #)
NI RC/Young/Bastardo (High #)