Grand Cards: Happy Trails: Fernando Rodney

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Trails: Fernando Rodney

2009 OPC #234 Fernando Rodney

Merry Christmas for Fernando Rodney. I've actually always liked Fernando, as frustrating as he could be to watch. When he was on, he was untouchable. He was cool looking. Oh, and my brother-in-law met and talked with him and Ramon Santiago at a restaurant in Mexicantown a few years ago and said that they were quiet, down to earth and really nice guys. So, in that sense, I'm sorry see Fernando go. Also, If not for Fernando Rodney, what would I have done on this blog? There would have been no "Poor Fernando" no WBC Card giveaway and no general chances to reference Thelonious Monk in a baseball context. But, all things must end. We knew that Rodney was a free agent and was looking for a payday. Bless You Boys points me to the facts that say he got one...not as big as he would have liked, but nice nonetheless.

So, with Fernando an Angel, we see another of the familiar faces fall off the roster. Certainly, this seems for the best--the Tigers don't have to pay $5.5M for each of the next two years for the pleasure of being given heart attacks every few games. I'm sure we have plenty of young arms that can do that for (almost) free. The Tigers also get a compensation draft pick, which is excellent and will further help the rebuilding process.

Obviously, the loss of Rodney and Lyon leaves the Tigers without a proven closer, but you know what? I'm kind of ok with that. There are a lot of young arms that can throw fire in the system (both in the Majors already and in the high minors). Let's go with it and see what develops. The A's didn't have a closer last year and a kid named Andrew Bailey came out of nowhere and won the rookie of the year. Can the Tigers catch the same lightning in a bottle? I guess we'll see.

/unintended christmas eve post. Continue enjoying the rest of your day.