Grand Cards: The Grand Scheme Is Snowed In

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Grand Scheme Is Snowed In

Egad 15-20 inches? I'm not sure what the final total is going to be, but today in Baltimore it snowed like it has never snowed before. Literally. 14 and change was the record for a single day leading up to this. Of course, this meant that we were snowed in, which meant watching some movies, cleaning things up and taking the dog for an hour and a half romp in the park in the middle of the storm. Unfortunately, it did not mean taking pictures of baseball cards, as I have no idea where our battery charger is and the camera went dark when we were out in the snow. Hmm...

A few people I talked to, who knew (or found out) that I was from Michigan, said things like "oh, then you're used to this," which is not the case at all. Sure, it snows more in Michigan in general, and will maybe have multi-inch snow days for a number of days in a row, but both my wife and I agreed, that we have never been a part of a storm this big. So there we go. It was kind of neat.

Time Heals All Wounds I first saw this picture on Thursday, thanks to a link from the Spot Starters

That's from a NYDaily News article welcoming Granderson to the club. I find it to be wrong and disturbing on multiple levels. For whatever reason, I don't think Granderson will look good in pinstripes, may these press conference photos serve as a taste of things to come. Also, was the NY on the hat always that big? Geez, settle down guys. Nope, I don't like it one bit.

However, whereas this picture nearly inspired the post "The Grand Scheme Is Nauseous" on Thursday, just a two days removed and I am resigned to the reality that Granderson is a Yankee and that is that. It also makes me feel good about continuing to catalog his cards as he moves forward with his career. Sure, he's on a different team, and no, I won't be continuing to collect his cards, but for me baseball cards are about following the history of a team (or player), and that is something I want to keep doing with Curtis.

Of course, hearing the gals at Dinged Corners say the same thing never hurts. He is still Curtis, after all.

Grand Galleries Which leads me to the new thing that I'll be doing. The Grand Galleries will be the follow up to the original "Ultimate Checklist" posts that I started doing on the site. The plan is this: digitally catalog every Curtis Granderson card ever produced. Yes, I realize that this is impossible. But it should be fun. The cards will be showcased by year and release, just like how I do my Tigers galleries and will include all known cards and parallels in thumbnail form, enlarged when you click. I think I'll start with 2002 and move up from there, but who knows--I might jump all over the place to keep things interesting.

Welcome To The Mix Oh, in case you didn't know, I keep the Tigers galleries updated when new stuff becomes available. For example, let's say I post a checklist gallery that mentions a card that I can't find a picture of. Well, you'll see this:

That is, until that card actually surfaces, like, say, this one did the other day:
2009 Sweet Spot #SS-AK Al Kaline Green Ink

Neat, no? So that means if you go down to the Sweet Spot gallery, the new Al has replaced the old logo. Remember, clicking on the thumbnails makes them big.

Hmm I guess that's it. Here I was thinking that I had more to talk about, but I guess not. With the juiceless camera, I'm going to have to figure out ways to post new content tomorrow, also I need to figure out how to split up this Granderson collection, and I got some nice vintage cards from Greg, formerly of Lake Effect Cards, which reminds me that I need to highlight my older cards sooner rather than later. Sigh--so much to do. I guess that's what holidays are for!