Grand Cards: The Grand Scheme Holds Its Breath To Keep It Short

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Grand Scheme Holds Its Breath To Keep It Short

(breath held) I said a few weeks ago that I would not involve myself with the constant—and frequently baseless—rumor mongering about Curtis Granderson. I won’t. It is exhausting. But I can’t really ignore when things like this explode on the internet late at night:
Yanks, Tigers, D’Backs Discussing Blockbuster
The deal would send Curtis Granderson to the Yanks, along with a prospect or two from the D'Backs. Arizona would obtain Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and Ian Kennedy from the Yankees. The Tigers would obtain Max Scherzer from the D'Backs and Austin Jackson, Phil Coke and Michael Dunn from the Yanks.

Saints be praised that this line was included at the end:
Talks are apparently at an "impasse" now, though the D'Backs continue to push for a trade.

Oh, and as of 8:29 it “looks very unlikely”

I’d like to recommend following MLB Trade Rumors for this today—as they have reporting that this is still a possibility as of this morning. For my part, I will save myself the pain of analyzing any proposed trade until a trade actually happens.

You can also “watch” the Winter Meetings live on which is pretty damn cool.

(still holding) For a Tiger-centric view on things, I recommend checking out the Detroit Tigers Weblog for up to date items.

(still holding) My all time favorite journalist writes an article with a pathetically obvious title, but a nice summary of the day’s events. He then goes on to spoil that goodwill by suggesting this in his blog:
If the Tigers trade Granderson, here’s a thought on center field…

Scott Podsednik.

Please stop. Please. Stop.

(STILL HOLDING) Jon Heyman at says that the Yankees were “spending the day” trying to get Granderson, which absolutely terrifies me. Why? They are they Yankees, and they often get what they want. However, Joel Sherman of the NY Post—the man who has been pushing the Granderson to NY news for some time—tweeted that they Tigers weren’t really happy with the “Blockbuster” talks (H/T MLB Trade Rumors)

(……) Can I just say right now that this week has proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the one and only useful purpose for twitter. No mundane details or useless crap, just FAST new bits of trade rumors. Twitter as a news feed/rumor mill is outstanding. You can flesh it out later in a blog or article, but this just lets you get the information out there.

*EXHALE* Maybe it is an isolated case, but it seems that someone with an actual media credential has the sense to say what many of us Tigers fans have been thinking all along. Jason Stark sums up Day 1 of the Winter Meetings (with Jerry Crasnik) and makes some good points:

For those of you not inclined to watch, here’s Stark’s take on the Granderson talks:
“Seems to me that the Tigers placed the bar on him so high that they don’t really want to trade him. If somebody wants to leap over that bar and really over pay then they would, but if not then I think they keep him”

Hallelujah! Bingo! Spot On! THANK YOU.

No fire sales. No “desparate to trade” talks. No throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Stark says what we’ve all been thinking: the Tigers want to keep Granderson and have taken a Godfather approach to any talks. If someone is willing to overpay then they’ll deal. As much as it would pain me to lose Granderson, at least that is sensible baseball thinking.
The problem is, nobody else in the media has said that and we’ve all had to suffer preposterous stories that, if not stopped would have devolved down to the Tigers being so desperate to Trade Granderson that they will unload him for Milton Bradley and a bag of balls.

Fingers Crossed Yeah, I’m hoping that the Tigers don’t trade Granderson. Even more to the point, tomorrow I will be on an airplane for 10 hours and will be woefully unable to receive any news about trades etc. This could make for an anxious plane ride if something is imminent before I board tomorrow morning. It could also make for a therapeutic session in which I can think about a trade in-depth as I sip Ginger Ale and snack on peanuts if something goes down tonight. I guess we'll see...