Grand Cards: Card Cameos: Beware The Cameo Wormhole

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Card Cameos: Beware The Cameo Wormhole

Brace yourselves.

In my big box o' christmas goodies, I was able to find a couple of nice Tigers cameo cards from the early 90s that came as a pleasant surprise such as this nice little shot of Sweet Lou:
1994 Stadium Club #236 Juan Bell featuring Lou Whitaker

In contrast to many of the cameo shots I like--crucial action shots, nice Tigers pictures, unexpected player situations or pairings--this card is great for one reason and one reason alone: Juan Bell. I think the picture of him says it all. As a cameo shot then, this is pretty bland. Lou Whitaker is partially in frame, in a situation that doesn't appear to make much sense for a second baseman--is he putting down a tag? No. Why isn't Bell Sliding? What is going on here? The result is that we get a little bit of Lou and some flip-up sunglasses, but nothing to write home about.

So then why the cameo post? Please take your anti-head-asplode pills now.

1994 Pinnacle #281 Lou Whitaker

Heads intact?

Two cards. Same year. Two different brands. Same Two Players. Reverse Cameos. The wormhole has opened.