Grand Cards: Now in New York, Curtis Granderson Lands Role In Off-Broadway Play

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now in New York, Curtis Granderson Lands Role In Off-Broadway Play

This news comes from a throwaway newsbit on the Free Press website Here's a description of the show:
“From the comic mind of GLAAD Award winning playwright, William Wyatt (Peachtree Battle, A Sunday Afternoon At Loehmans, The Limousine Ride and Veranda) comes a tale about gay marriage in an ultra conservative household. Bright-eyed hunk Joey (Matthew Pender) has finally met the man of his dreams and ready to take a plunge into marriage.

“The thought of a gay wedding has Joey’s southern socialite mother Sarah Edwards (Tina McKissick) in quite a tizzy. Worried that the news of her son’s nuptials might jeopardize her chances of winning ‘Christian of the Year,’ Sarah stops at nothing to protect her name, image and reputation.
Hey, that sounds like fun. But where's Granderson? Geez, you people need to brush up on your reading comprehension. Let's try it again:
"'When Joey Married Bobby’, starring Lady Bunny, two-time S.A.G. Award Nominee Tina McKissick and introducing former Detroit Tiger Pitcher Matthew Pender as Joey, opens February 6, 2010 for an open-ended run at Off-Broadway house Theatre 80 St. Marks, between 1st & 2nd Avenues.
With me yet? Dudes. Come on. Mark Twain? Bono? Lenin? Prince's crazy symbol that you can't pronounce? Matt Pender...

There it is.

Man, I'm pretty sure that Lynn Henning's head would explode if he knew that Granderson's off-field activities extended to the legitimate theater. I hope the Yankees know what they've gotten themselves into, and maybe next time they'll do a little more research on their players' aliases and stage names.