Grand Cards: The Grand Scheme is Snowed In Again

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Grand Scheme is Snowed In Again

Oh, Come on! I can confidently say without hyperbole that the snow that we've had this last week in Maryland is at least a million times worse than all the years I lived in Michigan combined. It never ends. Please end.

Contest No, not mine. JD's Wild Cardz is having a fun olympic-themed contest. Posting here fulfills my obligation to spread the word and gives me another slot.

A change gon' come All of this snow business has meant that I could do a little bit of blog housecleaning. You may start to notice some incremental changes around here. They're nothing to be alarmed about and should make everything much more functionally useful for people who want to look at galleries or find particular features or trade with me, for example. There is a potential for somewhat larger changes too, but I'll let them surprise you.

Doubles? Doubles. Sometimes a card set will include parallel versions of cards that enhance the original card and just make things extra awesome. Refractors do the trick here. Also, some serial numbering may or may not be added, or a splash of color. You know what I mean:

Right. But more often than not, parallels are horrible bitch-godesses that damn player collectors to the fiery hell of relentless pursuit, despite the fact that the "different" versions of cards are fundamentally not different at all. 2009 Topps Sterling is the most recent offender, in which I fail to see any difference in these two cards other than the numbering. Am I missing something?

Anybody? This cards, and others like it were found while I was painstakingly trying to develop a checklist of Tigers from 2009 Topps Sterling. I think that I've been successful, by and large and actually think that the set is really, really awesome. Topps high-end critics please remove your face from your palm and see what I mean once I post the gallery in the next couple days. Yes, it's like Triple Threads, but way classier and nicer looking.

So awesome That is what I'm calling the unbelievable prize for breaking the 2009 Allen & Ginter code as highlighted on JD's Wild Cardz. Most notable, to me at least, is this:

It's that card on the lower right that I'm most interested in. Why? Because heretofore, Miguel Cabrera's A&G Autograph card was a redemption only, and I'm yet to see one circulate. Perhaps the fact that he signed for this set is an indication that his redemptions are in the process of being filled? That would be sweet and I'll keep my eyes peeled for one.

Fake! Gellman saw this one coming a mile away. 2009 Ultimate Collection is already being counterfeited, so please, buyer beware. A Magglio Ordonez card is one of the offenders, so don't take the bait. If you want to see what the Tigers from 2009 Ultimate look like, please check out the gallery checklist.

Misc. Will the Tigers ever get a lefty bat? The dearly departed Marcus Thames was a home-run hitting freak. I'm with you, dude. Upper Deck through the years: Part 1 Part 2, as though we really needed a reminder that all the reasons that we used to love Upper Deck have been absent for years.