Grand Cards: Tigers Checklist: 1988 Dominos Pizza

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tigers Checklist: 1988 Dominos Pizza

I love myself some oddball sets. These are the cards that came in a package from Don, as alluded to last night along with a bunch of vintage Tigers from the 60s and 70s that were new to my collection and I'll have to show off someday. But man, oddballs. Those are just the best.

This particular set was a 1988 team issue sponsored by Dominos Pizza, or should I say, the Tigers, seeing as how the owner of the team was also the owner of the pizza giant at the time. This set came to me in mint, factory-sealed condition, and to be honest, there was a moment there where I thought, "I should keep these wrapped up, to preserve their value" before slapping myself back to consciousness, remembering that I was a collector who liked looking at cards and tearing off the cellophane.

What I found was great: A 27 card set commemorating the 1968 World Champion Tigers. The players are captured on a design that feels 80's without being ostentatious, and the black and white pictures harken back to days of yore and filled with a bunch of surprisingly good shots. The checklist is big, checking in at 27 cards (when you count the Noid), including a bunch of obscure-ish players that I was not particularly familiar with.

Still, the set wasn't without it's drawbacks. The card stock is oh, so thin--like an index card or slightly stronger. Also, while I actually like the utilitarian design of the back--I think the red stamped title is cool, and the one-line stats space is appropriate for a 1968 commemorative issue--each card features the same write-up of the season. Disappointment. Here's one for you, and if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

But those disappointments aside, I think that this set stacks up favorably to any oddball set out there. Big checklist, unique design, team logos--all good things. It's just too bad that you don't really see stuff like this out there nowadays. Also disappointing, the fact that the back of my Noid is a coupon that just barely expired:

Here's your 1968 team, circa 1988. Oh also, the cards are not numbered and are listed in the order in which I pulled them out of the package. I assume that is the order, even though it is not alphabetical and anyone who saw these cards outside of their original wrapping would have no idea what order they go in. Well, this is it folks:

Al Kaline

Don McMahon

Daryl Patterson

Bill Freehan

Dick McAuliffe

Ed Mathews

Denny McLain

Jim Northrup

Gates Brown

Ray Oyler

Mickey Lolich

Jim Price

Joe Sparma

Wayne Comer

Earl Wilson

John Hiller

Jon Warden

Don Wert

Fred Lasher

Dick Tracewski

Pat Dobson

Ernie Harwell

Mickey Stanley

Tom Matchick

Willie Horton

Norm Cash

The Noid