Grand Cards: The Orioles Aren't Orange?!?!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Orioles Aren't Orange?!?!

I saw this card while reading a fun Night Owl post comparing 2010 Upper Deck and Topps (yes, I know it's sideways. This post was written in the heat of the moment, and I didn't feel like doing any editing. Give me a break.)

What the hell is this? THE ORIOLES CARDS DON'T HAVE A BIG ORANGE DESIGN?!?! I'm stuck with a bunch of #@$%&^* Orange Tigers cards and the freaking Orioles get some blue looking thing?

While "livid" isn't really the right term to use, I'm actually really upset by this. The Orioles are an Orange team. They are known for being Orange. I understand that "Tigers" like, the animal, are Orange, but The Tigers, the team, are only tangentially Orange. I could swallow the color choice when I thought that most teams' card designs fit, but seriously, you're telling me that I could have had this:

But I get Orange instead, while the Orioles don't.

Man, that's just not fair.

Not to mention that my SP card doesn't match in with the rest of my set, which really bugs me too. You know what? I'd prefer that Topps pull the ol' switcheroo and make the Tigers blue for Series 2 and U&H, but maybe that's just me.