Grand Cards: One Reason Why 2010 Topps Heritage Wins

Friday, February 26, 2010

One Reason Why 2010 Topps Heritage Wins

With 2010 Topps Heritage out and reactions ranging anywhere from "Fantastic" to "Yawn" from bloggers and collectors--which, I feel like is the case for every set that comes out these days. To each his own, I guess--I thought that it's worth pointing out one unambiguously excellent improvement of this year's edition from just one year ago.


Why win? Does that look like Max Scherzer in a Detroit Tigers jersey to you? Yeah, me too. Which is great, because the whole thing is photoshopped. Normally this isn't really worthy of talking about, but I just need to give Topps a big pat on the back for their excellent execution on this. Again, why is this a big deal to me?

This is why.

Nice hat Edwin. Oh, it gets worse, doesn't it Gerald?

Is the word Horrible too limiting in this situation? I mean, the "D" on Gerald's hat isn't even the D that the Tigers use on their hats.

I'm sure that the 5th grade photoshop contest winners that designed last year's cards will be disappointed that Topps didn't go that route again, but I think that when you look at the bigger picture it's probably all for the best.