Grand Cards: Curtis Granderson Is A Collector!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Curtis Granderson Is A Collector!

Well, kind of:
Granderson was part of a six-member committee assembled by the International Baseball Federation (IBF) that met with the International Olympic Committee's Program Commission in November and lobbied for the sport's reinstatement in 2016. The commission is expected to vote on the matter in October.
During Granderson's 10-minute presentation, he gave each member one of his baseball cards and showed them a Team USA card of Mark McGwire which Granderson carries. He told IOC members that he had two major goals in life: to be a professional baseball player and to represent his country at the Olympics. Granderson said he carries the McGwire card as a reminder of his Olympic dream. He addressed the members by name and thanked them for listening.

This, from a wonderful Detroit News article that posted this morning.

Could Curtis be a collector? I mean, he's no Pat Neshek but clearly, this is a man who recognizes the subtle importance and pleasures of collecting.

This article also coincides nicely with a post that I was going to write anyway, to-be-entitled "Curtis Granderson Has A Degree In Marketing," in which I talk about Curtis Granderson's mind for business. The presentation for the IOC is one great example of the impact that a person with a sound educational background can make. My main evidence was actually going to be drawn from his upcoming "Celebrity Shootout" fundraiser next weekend for his Foundation (do you know of any other players that started a foundation in their first full MLB season?)

Curtis Granderson, a man who was born, raised, educated and still lives in and around Chicago, IL has the following celebrities at his shootout, joining Detroit/Michigan natives that have achieved national recognition elsewhere (H/T to Grandy Report)

Lloyd Carr: Former University of Michigan football coach
Desmond Howard: U-M Star, Heisman Trophy Winner, Beloved TV Personality
Braylon Edwards: U-M Star, Detroit Native, Current Cleveland Brown
Billy Sims: Detroit Lions Legend

With the exception of Carr, these players were all long gone before Curtis even started his career in Detroit. Not only does Curtis have a tremendous amount of respect for Detroit's storied history, but he understands the dynamics of fundraising in Michigan. Too many foundations try to "wow" people with national celebrities, which may or may not work to their advantage. In this case, Granderson has hauled in recognizable people (locally and nationally-and from diverse backgrounds) who are, in fact, big name stars in the Detroit area. While I certainly hope that Granderson has a long and prosperous career, clearly he'll be able to can get things done off the field--which is really all it takes to achieve in business and life.

(Curtis Granderson for Mayor--2035?)

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