Grand Cards: Pre-Season Granderson!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pre-Season Granderson!

Very exciting news around these parts as is reporting that Curtis Granderson has accepted an invitation to play in the 2009 World Baseball Classic. So, for all of you that don't follow the Tigers, this will be a chance for you to root for him as a part of Team USA. Thank you Curtis. This is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the players (and teams) who don't want to "risk" playing in the WBC.

I think that this is a great chance for Curtis to shine on an international stage, and should help him get up to game speed in time for a red-hot start to the regular season--as long as he can avoid another injury like the broken hand that landed him on the DL to start the season last year.

From a collector perspective, this is great news. I'm already drooling over the idea of WBC Granderson cards, assuming that the ones released by Topps this year were just a taste of things to come!


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  2. i'm so getting a USA grandy jersey to complete my granderson jersey checklist ;) (now all i need is for him to make a darn all-star team!)