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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More New Cards!

A series of envelopes have come in over the last three days to make up an order of miscellaneous 2008 cards off of Sportlots. For those of you that don't use it, Sportlots is a great way to pick up base/inconsequential cards for very cheap, and without crazy eBay shipping prices. My most recent order added another 17 cards to my collection. Here's what I got:

My first UD Documentary cards of the year, 8 in all:
From Grand Cards

Four more Moments & Milestones to chip away at my set:
From Grand Cards

The base card and Chrome version (#/1959) from Topps Heritage High Numbers:
From Grand Cards

Upper Deck First Edition:
From Curtis Granderson Collection

...and that set's accompanying Starquest Card (giving me all six):
From Curtis Granderson Collection

And last but not least, the Navy Blue version of UD Heroes (#/199):
From Curtis Granderson Collection

A few thoughts on these:

  • I do not like the Documentary set, having now seen it in person. It is lame. Out of those 8 cards I have two different pictures and only one of the cards even mentions Curtis. From Game 33: "Detroit worked Daisuke Matsuzaka for eight walks (10 overall) but couldn't capitalize. Curtis Granderson continued his hot hitting with a two-run single in the fourth." That game was at home, but shows him in his away jersey, by the by.
  • I'm slowly chipping away at the Moments & Milestones set. Please Help Me.
  • I'm a big fan of the Topps Heritage stuff, especially the chrome.
  • Upper Deck first edition is perfectly nice, but no different than Upper Deck. At least Topps Opening Day was distinguishable (albeit blinding and somewhat cheap looking)
  • The Heroes set would be very tiresome to build, but it is a blast for a player collector. These cards are bright and vibrant and relatively inexpensive and make for a very cool Rainbow collection when put together.


  1. The blue Heroes is especially nice. We think Documentary may be a decent idea gone wrong. It has no crispness to the design, nothing compellng. Informative, excellent post, as always.

  2. Dan, you need to use sportslots' affiliate program. I went to their site, signed up and then realized that you could have been the recipient of 4 % of my wimpy buys.

    I am confused as to exactly how to easily search for a player and make sure that I get the same seller. Is it just creating an elaborate outside spreadsheet and cross referencing everything? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the pointer.

  3. Nice pick up on the Heroes card. I have 7 different (and counting days till 4 more come in) Aaron Harang relic , auto relic cards so far and 4 colored base cards. They do make a nice rainbow. Good luck!