Grand Cards: Eye Candy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eye Candy

I thought that you could use a little eye candy to go will all this brain food that I've been posting. This beauty from 2007 Triple Threads came yesterday after I made a bid on ebay three days before it ended, forgot about it and got an email saying that I had won it by 1 cent.
From Curtis Granderson Collection

Does anybody know how to display/store these? Do they make some kind of screw down or toploader for them?

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  1. Hey Dan -
    I'm not certain of the size of the card in question, but I do know that there are toploaders that are larger than the normal trading card size.

    I have a few Parkhurst Tallboys ('94-'95 re-release of NHL greats.) in my collection, and the best thing I've found for them are those toploaders.

    If I remember right, they came in those cases when I bought them at a show, so I couldn't speak a whole lot as to where to get them.

    As with most math problems though, I'm just satisfied to have proved a solution exists.