Grand Cards: Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Topps Co-Signers

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Topps Co-Signers

Looking at my Calendar, I realize that there are about three weeks before 2009 releases hit us full steam. By my count, there are still about 20 2008 releases that I still need to chronicle. So, I will attempt to post these at a semi-furious pace while continuing to work on my series on Card Valuation.

2008 Topps Co-Signers and I are not friends. I give you card #33, Curtis Granderson's base card. It is non-offensive, not inspiring and nothing particularly special. I have no problems with it, but I often forget that it is in my collection because it is so unremarkable.
From Curtis Granderson Collection
Clearly, with a base set like that, there must be some killer inserts and parallels to really make things exciting, right? Granderson's parallel cards are split into two sub-categories: #33a and #33b. 33a is a shiny parallel that features a silhouette-y image of Curtis in the background of the card.
From Curtis Granderson Collection
It is fine, I guess, but for me it is way too shiny. That shine is not classy and visually stimulating like Topps Chrome, it is disorienting and bothersome, like a mirror to a cat. Notice my hands and camera sharply reflecting off the card.
33b uses the Spectre of Carlos Guillen instead of Granderson in the background, and adds "Carlos Guillen" to the side of the card. Otherwise, it is exactly the same.
From Curtis Granderson Collection
I like the concept of featuring two players on the card, I really do. But seriously, this is a one player card with an almost unnoticeable shadow of the other player. Were the refractor technology really specialized so that from some angles it looks like it is one player and from others it looks like the second, then maybe we can talk. Oh well.

I know that I'm being negative and that I said that we're not friends, but up to this point I've only provided justification for why I don't think the set is great. We are not friends because Co-Signers has 11 parallels for 33a AND 33b, plus printing plates. That is ridiculous, mostly because there is not enough color in these cards to make them particularly distinguishable. I mean really, what is the difference between SilverBronze and SilverGold when the majority of the card is a reflection? Also, the hyperplaid cards (of which I have none) don't really do it for me in pictures. Maybe they're better in person. Anyway, the parallels are numbered thusly and hold for 33a and 33b:

SilverRed #/400
SilverBronze #/300
SilverBlue #/250
SilverGreen #/200
SilverGold #/150
Hyper Plaid Red #/100
Hyper Plaid Bronze #/75
Hyper Plaid Blue #/50
Hyper Plaid Green #/25
Hyper Plaid Gold #/10
Hyper Plaid Silver 1/1

The highlights of the set, are a pretty nice looking Triple Auto (#MGY) featuring Granderson, Cameron Maybin (former Tiger, current Marlin), and Chris Young of the Diamondbacks. That's a good cross-section of young outfielders and seems perfectly good, although I don't have one of my own to show off. There is also a dual autograph of Granderson and Jerome Cochran (#CG) that was released as a redemption and hasn't yet reared its head in picture form.

So there is Co-Signers. That is all.

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