Grand Cards: Formatting Note

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Formatting Note

The "Card Blogs of Merit" list in the sidebar has been given a slightly more prominent position. I have moved down "Essential Reading" and renamed it "The Bigger Picture" as I feel that it provides a larger sports context to our more card-specific pursuits. I will add new links to either of these lists as I see fit.

A note on the "Card Blogs of Merit:" I will add blogs to this list on occasion but I see no reason for it to be a super long blogroll. Rather, I will limit it to card blogs that I read and enjoy on a daily basis. Criteria for inclusion is interesting, well written content that I like. That said, there may be some additions (and subtractions) over time, but I am not strictly limiting myself to a defined number of blogs a la Wax Heaven's "Heavenly Seven." If your blog is not there it is because a) I don't know about it or b) haven't really gotten into it yet. I apologize. Please do not be offended. There are many blogs that hit my personal RSS feed and when I find that I read some much more than others, I will add them.

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