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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Package From Heaven

I received a most glorious package in the mail today. In it, were four 08 A&G Cards to finish my set: Edgar Renteria, Clete Thomas RC, Placido Polanco SP and Nate Robertson from the state of Idaho. Let's take a look at the whole squad in action, shall we?
From Grand Cards

As pleased as I am about that, I am more pleased about this:
From Grand Cards
That's right, I've gotten my hands on the very 5 card factory bonus set that I blogged about here. Oh, and there was one more thing:
From Grand Cards
What is that? Oh, I got my hands on a second set of the bonus cards as well. Now, I know that there are some collectors out there who are badly seeking these cards so I am happy to announce that these are available for trade. My wantlist is in the sidebar, or you can click the 2008 Detroit Tigers Checklistto fill out my Topps collection. If nothing fits the bill in the next few days, then I'll just throw them up on eBay and let the Market decide.

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