Grand Cards: More 2008 Topps Heritage

Saturday, January 24, 2009

More 2008 Topps Heritage

Boy, people sure do love their Topps Heritage. I talked about the Granderson/Kaline Dual Auto the other day, and I've mentioned the Dual Relic in the past as well. Now, the the Autographed Pants Relic (CCA-CG) numbered to 25 is on the board.
That card is perfectly nice, basically a yellow version of the standard relic card. It is nowhere near as nice as the Dual Relic #/59 which routinely sells for OVER $85 (insert disbelief here) or the Dual Auto card which was fetching in the high $100s/low $200s. However, with over two days to go, there are three bids on this card and a price of $86.00!!

Am I missing something here? I like Granderson's cards in Topps Heritage a lot, but $86 with time to spare? Yes, it is numbered to 25, but I was not under the impression that there were that many Granderson collectors out there. For comparison, the standard relic card can be had for about $1-3. The standard "Real One" autograph will range between $15-20 or so. Why is the Autographed Relic selling for $86? Clearly, I'm stumped. All the "Value of Cards" analysis in the world won't help me on this one. Speaking of which, I'm going to try to write Part IV shortly and get it up today or tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to refresh on Parts I, II and III.


  1. From looking at your wantlist, it appears that you don't collect Upper Deck cards. Is that correct? Any particular reason why?

  2. We're all friends here, no need for the anonymous comments! While I am a Topps collector at heart--the longevity of the brand allows for unparalleled chronicling of team history--Upper Deck has made such beautiful cards in recent years that I've started collecting them as a second tier priority. In fact, in my wantlist, there are tabs on the bottom. On the right there are little arrows and if you keep the tabs moving, you'll see my Upper Deck wants right there!