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Friday, January 2, 2009

Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Bowman Chrome

The 2008 Ultimate Checklist for Curtis Granderson is now available in the sidebar.  It will be continuously updated as I make posts in this "Ultimate Checklist" segment.  The link will bring you to a spreadsheet that you can feel free to use for your own collection.  I am using the spreadsheet to catalog my own collection, so you can ignore the boxes with an "x" if you'd like.  However, you really shouldn't just ignore them, as each "x" is hyperlinked to the picture of that card from my collection.  It is my why of trying to create a photo-checklist without being too obtrusive.

Anyway, on to Bowman Chrome.  Is a shiny chrome version of its regular Bowman counterpart.  Curtis Granderson has base card #182 in the set, which looks like this:
2008 Bowman Chrome #182 Curtis Granderson

See? Shiny, nice and even better looking than the regular Bowman issue. The Chrominess really makes Granderson pop off the card. Of course, it wouldn't be a chrome issue without a refractor and 2008 has plenty:

Xfractor (#/250)
Blue Refractor (#/150)
Gold Refractor (#/50)
Orange Refractor (#/25)
Red Refractor (#/5)
SuperFractor (1/1)
Printing Plates

Sadly, I am refractor-less on this issue, and can't add a picture in all it's shiny, reflective glory. I guess you just have to wait for the next post...2008 Bowman Sterling!

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