Grand Cards: Baseball Cards Meet Stamp Collecting

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baseball Cards Meet Stamp Collecting

In light of the recent announcement that hundreds of post offices will be evaluated for closure, I couldn't think of a better time to post one of my favorite cards of the year:
2009 SP Legendary Cuts #84 Curtis Granderson

Can you imagine what would have happened if baseball "cards" were originally issued as stamps instead of as tobacco cards? It would be chaos. Now, I am no stamp collector, but I really like this card for reasons I can't explain. It is a faux-vintage, stamp looking card that shows Granderson bunting (which he rarely does) and is all purple with some Gold Foil that pops and is easy to read. Apparently, that is the recipe for a good card. It's also possible that I'm more accustomed to cards that aren't so shiny and reflective so as to blind the beholder. Give me my matte finish and a nice, original design any day.

This is the only Granderson card in 2009 SP Legendary Cuts and is a worthy 2009 offering.


  1. I like these cards, too. One day I'll have some in my hands.

  2. I WAS a stamp collector in my younger days ! I like these cards as well and have a couple Tribers.Went to the Nationals on Saturday then went to the ballgame.That was a long day and those seats got hard after 12 innings, especially since you won !