Grand Cards: Brandon Inge's New Look

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brandon Inge's New Look

Uh, what? As the Tigers begin their series in Anaheim, Brandon Inge will apparently do anything to break out of a slump. Anything like...

Huge forearm tattoos! Seriously. (Photo via

The Detroit4Lyfe crew runs down what happened, starting with the assumption that they're fake, and ending with the conclusion that they are, in fact, real--and loved by his wife. What we see are the stylized names of his two children, done by an artist in Anaheim who does tattoos for a bunch of major leaguers and made Inge some sketches the last time the team was in town. Still, leave Oakland, fly to Anaheim, completely cover your arms with tats, play an evening game. Go 1-4. So much for breaking out of a slump. Aren't you supposed to keep them covered for a little while or something?

So, um, ok then. Huge Tattoos for Inge. H/T to Billfer at the Detroit Tigers Weblog on this one this morning. It should be noted that his 2009 Updates and Highlights (All Star or Home Run Derby) card will likely be the last mementos of a virgin skinned Inge, for what it's worth. If nothing else, this will be a good way to sniff out whether the card companies are just recycling old pictures...

Update: A far, far, better shot of the arm ink, courtesy of allikazoo (H/T to Bless You Boys' Game Recap)


  1. Mercy. That is, well ... mercy.

    The guy just under Inge's right elbow seems to enjoy them.

  2. Hideous. Plus, it's not even a very good shot of his ass.