Grand Cards: A Champion's Stache: #16 Milt Wilcox

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Champion's Stache: #16 Milt Wilcox

In light of my newfound commitment to the greater good that is the collective power of Michigan fans growing mustaches for the September 5th opening game, I thought it best to recall a time 25 years ago when Mustaches led our own Detroit Tigers to their last World Series Championship

Oh, Milt. What can I say about you? Your mustache is full and well groomed, factors that should be the recipe for success. Sure, you're not on the path to Czardom, but you should be able to hang around in the upper-middle class of a mustached society. Yet something is amiss...

1984 Topps#588 Milt Wilcox

Maybe a mustache just isn't your thing. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because you made the best with what you had. You're still a champion, aren't you? How many others can say that. It should serve to inspire the rest of us, who can only dream of having a nice mustache like yours, but are betrayed by the bathroom mirror, or bad lighting, or a poorly taken photograph in which we think, "what color is that?" Maybe mine is a little redder than my hair. Maybe yours is a little blonder. Who cares, when victory is on the line?

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